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Cutting Costs For Crypto Enthusiasts

Whitepaper TOKENS

About Zempa and Zempa Coin

Zempa Coin is a coin established on the WAVES blockchain for Phase 1 Token Sale purposes. Zempa is an ERC-20 Token that will launch with the final token sale.

Problem: Purchasing currencies or even investing in Token Sales can be laborious and expensive. Currently, if an investor wishes to purchase a new coin, they must first go to a major exchange to purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum. (Fee 1 and Transaction Confirmation 1.) The user then has to create an account on whichever exchange allows the trading of the users desired currency. The user initiates a transfer of their Bitcoin to Exchange B. (Fee 2 and Transaction Time 2). After waiting on this transfer, the user is now able to purchase the desired currency. (Fee 3 and Transaction Confirmation 3). This entire process may take hours in what could be a timely situation, all while incurring fees. That is a problem.

Solution: The Zempa Universal Wallet Pool. Our cryptocurrency pool will enable users to initiate transactions using currencies they dont own themselves but are contributed into the Pool by other uses for rewards based on the desired currencies demand score.

What we do

We are building a community driven economy fueled by our Universal Wallet.

Currency Pool

Our Universal Wallet will help you eliminate many fees and transactions associated with utilizing various currencies in multiple blockchains. You can even utilize currencies you down own yourself.


Zempa vendors will provide discounts on their services and products in efforts to capitalize on the growth of the coin over time. This means everyone wins in transactions using Zempa.


As the Zempa Eco System expands, Zempa will enable further developmental options in new technology offerings. As we add new advisors and developers to our team, the sky is the limit.


We are launching the Zempa Coin on the WAVES Platform for our Pre-ICO, the completion of which will result in a transition of Zempa Early Adopters to trade their Zempa Coins for Zempa (ERC-20 Official Token) at a 1 for 2 exchange prior to our Public ICO.

Decentralized Eco System & Universal Wallet

The Universal Wallet is a decentralized pool of cryptocurrencies that enable users to initiate transactions using currencies they dont own, against the value of currencies they do own while those contributing the desired currencies are rewarded in Zempa tokens based on the demand for said token.

Zempa is a seed, a reward and an instrument and ultimately it’s own coupon token to help the public obtain useful products and services at a discount such as advertising on any of the Zempa Network Of Sites, Products and Services from the ZempaCoin.com Business Directory and more. It’s growth will also be the seed for future development projects. Our goals and plans include:

  • Site Network lead by community interests.
  • Coin Business Directory.
  • Crypto Investment and News Site
  • Coin Casino For Crypto Gaming.
  • Future Sites Dictated by Community Demand
Developmental projects to be announced.

Zempa Coin Phase 1 Token Sale Begins:

Contribute to the Zempa Eco System & Universal Wallet

Total Issuance: 100,000,000 Coins

ICO Sell Wall: 92,000,000 Coins

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Zempa Bounty Rewards

Contribute to the Zempa Coin Eco System NOW!

You can contribute to the Zempa Coin Phase 1 Token Sale in multiple ways. Until our Token Sale officially launches, you can start earning Zempa Coins (issued at the end of the sale) by contributing to our community (Make sure your WAVES Address is in your Signature):

Join our Bounty System by Registering Here. The bounties earned through that system are in addition to the efforts below.

Article Bounties
– Articles must be in English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish.
– Blogs must have a minimum of 300+ followers for any language.
– All articles written must be only unique content and correct grammar.
– Articles must also be accessible by any member of the public.
– Articles must contain a minimum of 700 characters or more without spaces.
– Article must contain at least 2 links pointing back to http://Zempa.io

Once a blog post or article is written please submit it to : jason @ zempafy.com

Blogs will be ranked in accordance with articles written in three stages.

1. Low impact = 5 ZEMC
2. Medium impact = 15 ZEMC
3. High impact  = 25 ZEMC

Video Bounties
– Videos must be in English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish.
– Vloggers must have a minimum of 300+ followers for any language.
– Videos must contain at least 2 links pointing back to http://Zempa.io

Submit Your Video Links to jason @ zempafy.com for tracking.
Videos will receive 5 ZEMC per 1,000 Views
Videos must have typical signals such a comments/thumbs proportionate to the views.

Trading For Zempa Coins On The WAVES Dex Exchange

On October 31st, Zempa Coin Sell Orders Will be Created According To The Following

30 Days


  • 23m Zempa Coin at .25 Cents ea
  • Oct 31

30 Days


  • 23m Zempa Coin at .25 Cents ea
  • Oct 31

30 Days


  • 23m Zempa Coin at .25 Cents ea
  • Oct 31

30 Days


  • 23m Zempa Coin at .25 Cents ea
  • Oct 31

Want To learn the finer details of our eco system & Universal Wallet project?

Download the Zempa White Paper which breaks down our plans and goal in detail.

Our Team

Contribute With WAVES

Whether you are using the Waves mobile, web or desktop wallets, its easy to get your Zempa Coin

Create Your Waves Account

Create your Waves account and prepare to setup the WAVES Platform Wallet.

WAVES Mobile

You can download the WAVES IOS Wallet and buy currency to trade on the WAVES Dex (Exchange)

WAVES Chrome Addon

You can download the WAVES Wallet Chrome Addon to manage your currencies and trade on the exchange.


Now that you have your WAVES Account and Wallet setup, you can purchase your ZEMPA Coins with BTC, ETH, WAVES or NEO from the Waves DEX Exchange!

Want Your Store Featured On ZempaCoin.com?

If you plan to accept Zempa post Token Sale, submit your business to our directory.

Once we have developed our Zempa Coin eCommerce Plugin, we will contact all of the vendors in our directory with instructions for easy integration into your store. You will have 7 days to begin accepting Zempa before being removed from the directory.

Zempa Timelime

End Of Phase 1 Token Sale - Nov 30, 2017

We will conclude our first phase token sale and distribute Zempa Coins to those who participated in Bounties. Those who purchased Zempa Coins on the WAVES Dex will already have their coins. These will be exchanged for Zempa on the ERC-20 Blongchain at the conlusion of our Primary Token Sale.
Announce Additional Developers
Announce New Advisors

Primary Token Sale - March 1, 2017

We begin our Primary Token Sale and launch our ERC-20 Token “Zempa”! During this token sale we will unveil the latest developments, concepts and prototypes of the Zempa Universal Wallet, our Zempa Vendor Plugin for use by Online Vendors to accept Zempa on their websites and future plans.
Adding Online Vendors To ZempaCoin.com

End Primary Token Sale - April 1, 2017

Here we announce APRIL FOOLS! Just kidding, but we had to make the joke. We conclude the Primary token sale and get to work on completing the development of Zempa UW and Plugin systems while continuing to build relationships in the vertical.

Release Announcements On Zempa Eco-System Additions

Its our goal to further expand the Zempa Eco-System by taking current online concepts and bring them to the blockchain such as Micro Jobs, Micro Blogging and more. We will announce some of these side efforts in due time.

Keep in Touch

Keep tabs on the Zempa Coin Network Of Sites and Token Sale