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     Joel Steven 

    When you are thinking you will lose money in your trading, you are losing your motivation. Thinking is a great power that can make you better and successful than the other traders in Forex. If you think you will make yourself a better trader than what are you now, you have to turn your negative ideas into positive, thoughts. It is a very powerful concept that many of us do not realize. Your mind is very powerful and when you are thinking that you will make money, you set your brain to work to make you money. You will lose money in the way but you will never lose your motivation. The human mind is the most wonderful element the scientists have ever seen. It is said that if you can think something in your mind and believe it from your heart, it really does happen.

    When people are investing their money in Forex industry, they always think of the worst-case scenarios. It is not their fault but the fault of our teaching and brought up a system. We cannot think that anything good will happen to us. We think that we are going to lose our money, begin the street and live our life like this. You can take a pause and start thinking positively. This article will help you to realize that you are not what you think. You are not a weak trader who always loses but a fierce trader inside who can make a lot of money.

    Know yourself first
    Most of the retail traders don’t give themselves enough time to explore their needs. But the experienced traders in Australia always tell the new traders to know themselves first. Being an investor in the online trading world, ask yourself what you really want to achieve through this trading profession. If its only money then you are not going to make any real progress. Currency trading is one of the most sophisticated business in this world and you won’t be able to make money unless you truly know what you are doing. You need to have strong sets of skills which will help you to find profitable trade setups in your trading platform.

    It’s true that 95% of the traders are losing money in the online trading industry but this doesn’t mean that you will have to be on the losing side. There are three basic elements in trading. Technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. Start with the technical analysis since it will help you to find the perfect entry and exit point of this market. The second type of analysis is the fundamental analysis which will help you to find the overall strength of the market trend. Based on this two sets of analysis you will have to trade this market with the extreme level of confidence. Once you gain enough experience you slow understand how to do the sentiment analysis of the currency market. But make sure that you master this three areas of trading to become a profitable trader.

    When negative thought comes, blow them away
    Whenever any negative thought is coming to your mind, just blow it away. It is in our mind that we will think something is going to happen to us when we are not even trying it. Before starting their trading career in Forex, people think they will lose money and they do. Those traders who think they can make money even if they start with losing are the ultimate traders who win in the market. It is hard to keep yourself positive, but the great power lies in your mind. You have to wake it up. If you think your strategy is weak, never doubt your strategy. Even if it is the simplest strategy in a market, use it with confidence that you will succeed. You will really be successful when you are using your positive thoughts with your Forex trading.

     Nathaniel Nasarow 

    This is true.Trading is very much a psychological game. I won’t go into it much though, since I could go on forever about this topic.

    The mind is full of negative thoughts. Those voices in your head will almost always say negative things (mostly things from the past) especially when you are passively thinking. The trick is to pay attention to each one and let those thoughts go, and really use your brain by thinking actively.

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